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Flower of Life


Meticulously carved ceramic sphere for a beautiful, dreamy ambiance in Your Home.
This entirely hand built and hand carved metallic glaze ceramic lamp / lantern creates a lace-like shadow play on your bedroom walls by night and its lovely delicate design looks just as beautiful in daylight.
It is going to be the highlight of your cozy home.

This beautiful “Flower of Life” pattern is an ancient symbol with important spiritual significance. Since ancient times, this symbol has been used by various civilizations and is now found in many places all over the world: it symbolizes the beginning of beginnings, from which all aspects of existence and life concepts later arose.
You can look at the ancient symbol of the Seeds of Life for hours. Like a mysterious mandala, this pattern immerses everyone in meditation: it opens up new edges of reality, awakens our imagination and gives us confidence in choosing our own life path.This lamp is made from top-quality black clay and comes with an E14 light bulb and a see-through EU / USA cable with an ON/ OFF switch.
You can display your lamp anywhere you like, on top of furniture, tables, shelves, corners etc.
It is a perfect gift for girlfriends, moms, best friends, yoga lovers, flower and lace design lovers.
All my lamps are made with lots of creativity, love and care – therefore each design is one of a kind.
• Lamp Material: white clay
• Lamp Colour : metallic silver
• Lamp Size : 17.5 cm

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Flower of Life pattern ceramic light-sculpture for magical ambiance in your home

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 17 cm