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Ceramic cylinder shape light sculpture with a pattern from Alhambra. Unique ceramic art.

This filigree ceramic lamp is entirely hand-built and hand-carved and creates an amazing shadow play on your bedroom or living room walls by night. its elegant design full of intricate details looks just as incredible in daylight. It took over 60 hours to complete, you can see how here:

You can display your lamp in two ways: it has a base / stand inside, to function as a nightlamp or you can use it as a pendant. It is important that if you decide to hang it from the ceiling, you’ll have to use extra steel wires to hold its heavy weight (such cables will be not included).

This lamp is made from top-quality white/ivory clay and comes with an e14 halogen lightbulb and an USA/ EU white cable with an ON/OFF switch if you choose the table lamp option.
Colour: Ivory
Size: 36 cm tall, 19 cm wide

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Ceramic cylinder shape light sculpture with a pattern from Alhambra, Spain. Ceramic fine art.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 19 × 35 cm

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