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2020 Madness


This entirely hand built and hand carved ceramic lamp creates an incredible shadow play on your bedroom or living room walls by night and its unique design looks just as amazing in daylight. It took 4 full days to make this lamp.
After the bisque kiln I used an oily-rusty looking metallic effect glaze for finish. This piece was inspired by the year of lockdown – 2020. Original Art.
You can display your lamp anywhere you like, on top of furniture, tables, shelves, on hardwood floors etc.
It is a perfect gift for you or your beloved ones.

This lamp is made from top-quality black clay and comes with a light bulb and a black EU cable with a standard switch.
• Lamp Colour : Dark metallic silver, black at the edges and has a blue, yellow olily shine.
• Diameter : cca 32×32 cm
• Lamp Material: Black clay

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Minimalistic Cube – Glazed Ceramic Light Sculpture for Amazing Ambiance in Your Home. Keith Haring inspired minimalism.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 32 cm