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What are the lightsculptures made of?

The lightsculptures and bowls are CERAMICS – made of top quality clay (I use mostly white, concrete grey, black, brickred clay) and fired at 980-1000 Celsius. They are all handmade, handcarved and one of a kind. Some of the lightsculptures and most bowls are glazed with non-toxic effect glazes.

How do your lightsculptures work?

They function as regular LAMPS, they come with a E14 light bulb and plastic cable with a switch and EU plug. You can always easily replace the bulb if it burns out.

How can I order?

Feel free to get in touch with me via e-mail: or you can purchase them immediately in my Etsy shop.

I would like a custom piece, can you make it?

I love to make personalized presents, get in touch with me via: Making a custom piece might take 3-7 days, it depends on the idea and size.

How long does it take to make a custom piece?

Making a lightsculpture might take 2-3 full days, then it needs to dry for 2 days, kilning takes 24 hours with cooling. Many of my lightsculptures are glazed, which takes another 2 days, or handpainted with acrylic colours, that can take a full day when it is a miniature sculpture. After assembling and packing, it is ready for shipping.

How can I pay for my order?

I send you an invoice to your e-mail and you can easily wire transfer, or if you prefer Paypal / credit card, you can shop in my Etsy store.

How do you ship them?

To the EU or outside of EU – I ship with GLS, DPD, UPS or other shipping carriers. To the USA, I always ship with UPS.

How do you protect them when you send them abroad?

They are ceramic objects, therefore very fragile. I believe in RECYCLING and I use a ton of good quality wrapping materials, recycled cardboards, bubble wraps, newspaper etc. I use 2 boxes when shipping abroad, this is the only way to secure safe shipping.

Can I see them in person?

My studio and showroom is in Budapest, Hungary. Feel free to visit me and see them in person! 1114 Budapest, Hamzsabégi út 30.