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Hi! My name is Réka and I’m a Ceramic Artist & Photographer. So glad You are here!

Light has always played a big role in my life. I fell in love with photography 13 years ago during my highschool years in Croatia and my love for it never stopped. In 2008 I moved to Budapest to study Art History and Visual Communication, and after several years of working in the film & creative industry I started missing my roots and my creative self. When I was young, I used to sew, draw, make origami and as project manager, I really missed working with my hands.

7 years ago I met my wonderful art therapy teacher and friend Éva Bertók who helped me master the Native American technique of shaping clay without pottery wheel. Working with clay and having a wonderful group of supportive women around changed me in many ways.

When I’m making lightsculptures, I’m in the flow state, working now is a form of meditation and self-expression. I enjoy every stage of creation: from envisioning, drawing new pieces in my notebook, to experimenting, shaping clay with my hands, connecting with this wonderful material. I love cutting, carving every detail, and to open my shapes to give way to light, but to be honest,

my favourite moment is to turn them on and take the first photos of the shadow-plays they create on the wall.

This is how Light Gallery came to life – my lightsculptures are emitting light and my photos of them are capturing it.

It is very easy to fall in love with these light sculptures: by day, they are beautiful and modern sculptures to look at and by night they cast mesmerizing splashes of light in the whole interior. They create a relaxing, warm ambience, it is wonderful to come home after a tiring day and meditate with their lights.

They can be wonderful additions to any elegant home, office or yoga studio, and it is easy to choose, because I make modern, minimalist, and Art Nouveau inspired light sculptures that go well with any interior.

I love to work on personalized pieces, giving light to someone for a wedding or Christmas is more than heart-warming!

If you want to see them in person, visit me in my studio in Budapest, XI. district.

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2021 december – HelloWood: CabinLand – MaxCity Showroom
2021 október – Budapest Select pop-up store, Fashion Street (Budapest Central European Fashion Week)
2018  – Fly Me to the Moon – UP Rendezvényközpont Újpest

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